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Elizabethan Patio Doors

01978 752020

FENSA REG 26683 and a member of the Plastics Window Federation


All windows and doors must be CE Marked from 1st July 2013

What does this mean?

From July 1st 2013, most windows and doors now require to be CE Marked.

As we manufacture our own products, we are required to list the relevant certificates for CE Marking and Declaration of Performance (DOP) from ourselves and our suppliers.

CE MARKING 001.pdf (PDF — 72 KB)

CE MARKING 003.pdf (PDF — 71 KB)

CE MARKING 005.pdf (PDF — 72 KB)

DOP001.pdf (PDF — 97 KB)

DOP003.pdf (PDF — 96 KB)

DOP005.pdf (PDF — 97 KB)

CE MARKING 002.pdf (PDF — 71 KB)

CE MARKING 004.pdf (PDF — 71 KB)

CE MARKING 006.pdf (PDF — 71 KB)

DOP004.pdf (PDF — 96 KB)