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Elizabethan Patio Doors

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FENSA REG 26683 and a member of the Plastics Window Federation‚Äč

The P & T Shape

Combine two styles for more space and greater flexibility
A specification that's tailor made for you

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Lean-To         Tudor        Edwardian      Victorian      Gable-Ended       P/T Shape 

Combination and P and T shaped conservatories offer you more space and greater levels of flexibility by combining two or three styles - such as the Edwardian and the Lean to - or by adapting an existing style so that it can be used in the shape of a 'P'.

The P and T Shape conservatory creates a multifunctional space with two distinctive areas which can be used however you desire. For instance, you might choose to use one are for dining and the other for relaxing, the choice and flexibility is yours. In addition to the 'P' shape, combination conservatories can also be used to create 'T' and 'B' shapes, giving you the greatest freedom to create the space you've dreamt of.